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Become A Roadside Provider

Looking for a job helping stranded motorists? We offer competitive pay @ 15nper job or 8.00 per hour, whichever is higher.

Call (502) 305-8645 and ask for Julio or just send us your resume at

Must Have:

-Valid Driver's License

-Clear Driving Record

-Clear Criminal Record

-@ least 21 years of age

-Willingness to work

-Related Experience

-@ least 2 years driving experience.

Job Description


Answer phone professionally and self dispatch to stranded motorists who need help in changing flat tires, performing jump starts, unlocking vehicles, have ran out of fuel, etc. We also deliver tires, plug tires, remove stripped lug nuts & change batteries.

We are welcoming any subcontractors who currently work for Allstate or Auto Rescue.

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